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iPhone OLED屏的PWM ranking


Sensitive users may see this flickering below a certain frequency and get tired eyes or headaches. These problems might not even be obvious. More than 500 Hz are generally not an issue, but there seem to be many users with problems below 250 Hz. Beware, there are even reports from readers that suffer from frequencies above 10k Hz

敏感的用户可能会在一定频率以下看到此闪烁,并感到疲倦的眼睛或头痛。 这些问题甚至可能并不明显。 大于500 Hz通常不是问题,但是似乎有很多用户遇到250 Hz以下的问题。 当心,甚至有来自10k Hz以上频率的读者的报告

目前iPhone OLED相关的如下:

11 Pro2436×1125OLED290.7
12 Pro2532×1170OLED277.8
12 mini2340×1080OLED250
11 Pro Max2688×1242OLED245.1
X2436×1125Super AMOLED240
Xs Max2688×1242OLED240
12 Pro Max2778×1284OLED238

这篇文章列出了在iPhone11Pro上进行DC Dimming的方法。

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